Limba si Literatura Romana an III

Test Autoevaluare: CONSTRUCTIA IDENTITATII - Sem 2 - 2009-2010 (267)
Test adaugat de :dragomirangela

1 ) (72 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   The eighteenth century is also named ‘ the Augustan Age’. Which are the aesthetic ideals that best characterize this period?
  • a. wealth of detail, baroque extravagance, dissonance, asymmetry, instinctuality.
  • b. clarity, precision, order, harmony, universality, reason,‘propriety’ and harmony.
  • c. light and dark contrast, synchretism, opposition of contraries,emphasis on the description of the specific.
  • d. a strong religious spirit, religious themes, emphasis onmorality and virtue from the perspective of the Christian doctrine.
2 ) (221 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   In The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Dr. Slop is
  • a. the local parson.
  • b. an incompetent physician.
  • c. a relative of the Shandys’.
3 ) (106 - MULTI SELECT) (c ai ales : )
   Choose the correct answer:
In George Eliot’s fictional world, conflicts and dramas originate strictly
  • a. in the society.
  • b. in the characters’ inward competing drives materialized in free will choices.
  • c. in the interrelationship of both.
4 ) (84 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   In the second scaffold scene (The Scarlet Letter),
  • a. the minister mounts at night the steps of the platform, joined by Hester and Pearl.
  • b. shows his community a psychosomatic mark on his breast shaped like the letter "A".
5 ) (24 - ADEV/FALS) (f ai ales : )
   The Portrait of a Lady is a tragedy, like Tess or The Mayor of Casterbridge.
  • Adevarat Fals
6 ) (38 - MULTI SELECT) (a ai ales : )
   The message concluding The Scarlet Letter could be: to develop one’s moral potential one must:
  • a. plunge into the depth of experiential knowledge in order to ascend.
  • b. protect one’s moral worth because it is irreparable
7 ) (43 - ADEV/FALS) (f ai ales : )
   In The Mill on the Floss, the almost anthropologic analysis of the Dodsons, portraits and routines, is achieved in the playfully humorous tone, never in the satiric.
  • Adevarat Fals
8 ) (62 - MULTI SELECT) (c ai ales : )
   The historical period to which Hawthorne often resorted in his fiction was:
  • a. the medieval legendary age.
  • b. his contemporary society.
  • c. the colonial, Calvinist past.
9 ) (227 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   Gulliver’s Travels exploited the popular form of travel literature, parodied and adapted it to his own satiric and moral needs. The book starts like a real life travel journal, with detailed descriptions of Gulliver’s life and background. What is the purpose of this presentation ?
  • a. To realize a faithful copy of real events, in consonance with the realist ideals of 18th century prose, whose aim was to mirror contemporary society in all its aspects.
  • b. To create a fictional world that seems real, in order to disrupt this illusion of reality by the later developments, that tell the reader that they are dealing not with a novel but with a fantasy.
  • c. To anticipate the later developments of the story, which are also realistic accounts of Gulliver’s adventures on the sea in Liliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa, and the country of the Houyhnhnms.
10 ) (205 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   In Moby Dick, Queequeg is
  • a. a fortune-teller
  • b. a Polynesian harpooner
  • c. an African captain
11 ) (171 - MULTI SELECT) (a ai ales : )
   Melville uses Queequeg’s image in order to
  • a. assert the value of pagan morality
  • b. warn the readers about the dangers of primitiveness
12 ) (241 - MULTI SELECT) (c ai ales : )
   Choose the correct answer: Dickens’ acknowledged masters were:
  • a. Russian novelists of the century.
  • b. French contemporary novelists.
  • c. Fielding, Smollett, Ben Jonson.
  • d. Chaucer.
13 ) (27 - MULTI SELECT) (c ai ales : )
   In The Mill on the Floss, as Maggie drifts down the river with ………, she repudiates her own moral will.
  • a. Tom
  • b. Philip
  • c. Stephen
14 ) (189 - MULTI SELECT) (b ai ales : )
   How did the rise of the middle class influence the emergence of the novel as a literary genre?
  • a. Through the establishment of new universities and colleges, that provided their students with a classic education, largely destined for the aristocracy.
  • b. The reading public grew, through the large numbers of people in the trading middle class who were literate and to whom literature offered entertainment.
  • c. The authors were able to secure safe wages, which made it that they no longer needed wealthy patrons.
  • d. The political climate changed as well, and the state encouraged the emergence of a new literary genre that would educate the rising middle class.
15 ) (123 - MULTI SELECT) (c ai ales : )
   At the end of the novel The Scarlet Letter, Dimmesdale found the resolve to admit in public that:
  • a. he hated Chillingworth.
  • b. he wanted to leave New England.
  • c. he was Pearl’s father.

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